15 Cyclones

15 Freeze

15 Storm 

​15 Storm Chasers

14 Avalanche

14 Firestorm 

14 Tornadoes

14 Earthquake

​14 Whirlwind

Performance Point team practice schedule for December

12 Thunder

11 Sprinkles


Girl rising.....This is what happens when their dreams come true, they change the world. All going in the same direction, ahead of expectation, above circumstances and beyond limitations.  Their future is our future.  One girl follows behind the other until they move forward towards something .. a future... We change the world by changing one girl at a time.  

The front desk will be locking the front doors at 8:00 each night starting in Oct.

Once the doors are locked you will not be able to enter the building from the front but the girls will be able to exit. 

If you need to enter the building after 8:00 please use the back door by Dody's office. 

Need more information please call Dody : 

423-7020 after 2:00p

16 Ice

16 Twister

16 Force

13 Tsunami

13 Typhoon 

18 Fury

17 Blackout

17 Hurricanes​

A girl is not defined by what her society sees.  A girl is defined by what she sees inside herself. Brave,determined, imaginative, creative, free, bright, powerful.