SkillsBuster  Middle school 6th-8th grade 

It's time to shake off the summer rust and get ready for the upcoming volleyball season.  Join us at the YWCA TUESDAY JULY 28, from 6-8 PM for an intense and informational clinic.  From passing to setting and hitting, this clinic is sure to help you get in gear for the 2015 volleyball season.  

Cost: $10 



The YWCA, the coaches and myself would like to thank all the players and parents for their strong dedication, flexibility, work ethic and patience.  It was amazing to see how well our club and players did this year.  I would also like to thank the coaches, because we all know their roles are integral to our strong program.  The YWCA and Performance Point have worked very hard to create a passionate volleyball community that derives from kindness, enthusiasm, and family basis.  We are looking forward to a even better next year!  It truly takes a village!

A girl is not defined by what her society sees.  A girl is defined by what she sees inside herself. Brave,determined, imaginative, creative, free, bright, powerful. 

Girl rising.....This is what happens when their dreams come true, they change the world. All going in the same direction, ahead of expectation, above circumstances and beyond limitations.  Their future is our future.  One girl follows behind the other until they move forward towards something .. a future... We change the world by changing one girl at a time.  

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The front desk will be locking the front doors at 8:00 each night starting in April 

Once the doors are locked you will not be able to enter the building from the front but the girls will be able to exit. 

If you need to enter the building after 8:00 please use the back door by Dody's office. 

If you need to speak with Dody please call: 423-7020 after 2:00p