15-2 FREEZE Coach: Jacklyn Williams / Rachel Thalls 

Jacklyn Williams has had experience coaching at the club level for 15s and 17s here at Performance Point. She also has had experience coaching freshmen and JV high school teams. Currently, she coaches at Catholic Central.
Rachel Thalls is a Junior at Purdue. She played for Munciana for four years, and has coached grades 3-5 for three years back in her hometown, Lapel.  Type your paragraph here.

14-2 FIRESTORM Coaches:  Katie Champion/ Rachel Trotter 

Katie Champion played Logansport High School. Then played for Northern Colorado and coached club in Colorado.
Rachel Trotter played for Vision and IVA for club. Cathedral high school was a setter.  Also an assisted many camps and clinics at vision. Type your paragraph here.

15-1 Cyclones  Coach:  Sean Keeve / Carissa Damler

Sean Keeve has had experience coaching at many levels, including club, middle school, and college.  He is currently the assistant coach at St. Joseph College. This will be his fourth year coaching at Performance Point. 

Carissa Damler​ is currently a Soph. defensive specialist at Purdue University. Helped coached the 13 Tsunami. Played for Circle City and Brownsburg H.S. 

17-1 Blackout   Coach: Shelly Pullins 

Shelly Pullins has been coaching for over 12 years. She has had experience coaching at the JV, varsity, and club levels.  She has been coaching the varsity for 12 years. Shelly is also the Assistant Club Director for Point VB.

 Coming up:

Tryouts Starts Oct 30  

Boy's Practice Sunday Oct 30  5:00-7:00

17-2 HURRICANES Coaches: Brittany Rooze / Tori Bowerman

Brittany Rooze Varsity player for Benton Central. Played at Huntington college. Coached at several clinics and camps.
Tori Bowerman Played at North Montgomery then at DePauw for 4 years.  

16-2 Twister Coach: Mandy Johnson

Varsity Head coach for 2A Spartanburg in South Carolina.  Also coached at Carolina One volleyball Palmetto region Club, Premier Volleyball Club in Siena Heights University, and Dead Frog Volleyball Club.  She assisted in various skills camps and clinic.   

18-1 Fury Coach:  Diane White

​Over 20 plus years of coaching experience.  Former coach of IUNW, Head coach of Oak Hill High School.  

Club director and coach for Magnum force for 12 years.       

15-3 STORM Coaches: Traci Hewitt / Steve Allee

Traci Hewitt ​has had over 15 years of coaching experience at the club level. She also is in charge of the Adult League Volleyball here at the YWCA.
Steve Allee has also been coaching for over 15 years at the club level.  He has coached at just about every level and has a lot of great experience.

12 THUNDER Coach: Angie Schilling 

 Angie Schilling has over 15 years of coaching experience.  These experiences range from elementary age all the way to varsity.  She has been coaching at Performance Point for over four years and helps run the Little Spikers Program.

11 BOLT Coach: Jenna Crick 

Jenna Crick is returning to coaching at point after a year off.  She is a proud Mother to a future little spiker She was the asst coach at Clinton central for several years. Also has coached at Performance Point for 4 years. 

Homework Drills

 Point/Puma Camp is Back!!  Wednesday-Thursday

15 and under      Camp Director is Sean Keeve/Shelly Pullins...

Middle School Prep Camp - This 2-day camp will be an all-skills camp that will cover the basics and fundamentals of volleyball, in addition to a few more advanced techniques. Lead by Point coaches, this camp will fit any middle school volleyball player. Whether they have never played before, or they are on a 15 and under club team, this camp will give players the opportunity to learn new techniques, as well as a chance to get tons of touches, benefiting those who’s  school season is approaching, and those who are preparing for the end of the club season. This clinic will cover all the basics in preparation for the Fall School Volleyball season, and to reinforce what players have learned throughout the club season. Clinic participants will go over serving, passing, setting, hitting, and blocking. Clinic participants may be Point players, or they may play for a different club, and they do not have to be on a club team to participate. All are welcome

June 8th and 9th   Wednesday / Thursday
Time: 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm
Cost:  $60.00 per player

To sign up go to www.ywcalafayette.org 


That's how you spell S-U-C-C-E-S-S

16-1 ICE Coach: Michael Flierl

Circle City Volleyball club for 2 years, Prime Time VB club and Milwaukee Sting.  He also instructed several clinics and camps.   

13-1 Tsunami Coach:  Brynn Roy / Jeff Cornell 

Brynn Roy ​ Co-coached our 13’s Typhoons last year with Coach Jeff.  Soph at Purdue.. This is her second year coaching at Performance Point, and has playing experience at both Team Indiana and Circle City.
Jeff Cornell has coached the eighth grade team at Wainwright middle school for three years. This is his Second year coaching at Performance Point.  Last year coached the Typhoon. 

What an awesome day. Got to the Performance Point volleyball club at 9 a.m. Left the gym at 5 p.m. Great to laugh with last years team. Excited to see new players come to open gym. What a club season it's going to be. So fired up to learn as a coach from the best coaching staff in the area.- Coach Cornell 

14-1 Avalanche Coach:  Brad McCarter  

Brad McCarter has had many years of experience coaching at both the club and high school levels, his most recent is at Catholic Central High School where the team placed second in the state.

​​​​A girl is not defined by what her society sees.  A girl is defined by what she sees inside herself. Brave, determined, imaginative, creative, free, bright, powerful. 

Need more information please call Dody : 

423-7020 after 2:00p